Bag Policy

No Backpacks


Prohibited Items

What can't I bring to a show with me?

For the safety of both concert patrons and our staff, we do not allow the following items:

  • Strollers
  • Bottles, flasks or cans
  • Bottles of water (these are available for purchase in the venue)
  • Coolers
  • GoPros
  • Recording devices, professional cameras, removable lenses and external lighting
  • Laser pointers
  • Bags or backpacks (please refer to our bag policy listed above)
  • Any form of weapon, including knives, mace or pepper spray
  • Unlabeled medication or illegal drugs
  • Drones
  • Masks (excluding those worn for protection against COVID-19)

Some prohibited items can be requested by artists performing at the venue.  Please contact us the day of the event you are attending if you have any questions about items you can bring to the venue. Prohibited items must be returned to your vehicle or discarded.  Prohibited items will not be kept or stored on venue property.  Anything placed outside of our gates or fence will be discarded or removed by authorities.

Deadwood Mountain Grand reserves the right to deny drugs that are unlabeled, unidentifiable, in large quantities or for reasons otherwise cited by security/management.

Common Questions
Common Questions
  • Are your concerts open to all ages?

    Yes. Unless otherwise indicated, our events are open to all ages. No one under the age of 21 will be allowed to loiter on the casino floor before or after the show, unless waiting to enter the concert venue. Please bring a valid ID as there will be ID checks in the casino as well as the venue.

  • What time is the show?

    The time listed on your ticket is the time that the doors will open for the show. Live music will usually start about an hour after the doors open, but that’s always subject to change. Also, we don’t usually know the set times, that’s up to the bands to decide.

  • Can I leave the show and come back?

    Yes, but you must obtain a hand stamp for re-entry. Your scanned ticket does NOT serve as proof for re-entry.

  • Does my child need a ticket to get in?

    Patrons three years or older need a ticket to attend events.  Due to the nature of our events, we do not recommend bringing small children, but if you do, please bring adequate ear protection.

  • Can we smoke at the show?

    Indoor shows are non-smoking including but not limited to e-cigs, vapes, etc. in accordance South Dakota Law.

  • Can I bring a bag into the show?

    In order to ensure the safety of our patrons and to increase the efficiency of our entry procedure, Deadwood Mountain Grand has implemented the following bag policy.  Only bags within 4.5 ”x 6.5” x 3” will be allowed into the venue for events.  We will also allow one gallon or smaller clear plastic bags sized at or under 12”x12”x6”. Large bags such as (but not limited to) backpacks, purses, drawstring bags, totes and carry-alls will not be allowed into the venue.  As before, the contents of any bag allowed onto the premises is subject to inspection for prohibited items.  Any prohibited items or bags must be taken back to your vehicle or disposed of.  Deadwood Mountain Grand will not be responsible for securing your personal items.

  • Can I bring medication into the show?

    We recommend that if a prescription medication is necessary you only bring the medication in a quantity appropriate to the amount of time you will be visiting.  Please bring it in a sealed package with the printed prescription label.  If at all possible, please bring a copy of the written prescription.  Be aware that photo identification may be requested by security or authorities upon entry.

  • Do you have a coat check?


  • Will I be close to the stage if I get in line early?

    Your position in line does not guarantee you any particular spot in the venue as we are typically a seated or general admission venue.  Furthermore, our concert venue is designed so that clear sight light lines and optimum sound is delivered to any position within.

  • Is there a non-gendered or family restroom?

    Deadwood Mountain Grand offers one non-gendered family restroom, located on the casino floor. A hand stamp will be required for re-entry if you choose to use this restroom.

Ticketing Questions
  • Where can I purchase tickets?

    Tickets for events can be purchased directly at the box office in person or online at Tickets may be purchased by phone, by calling our box office: 605-559-1188. Ticketmaster is our only official online ticketing platform. All other platforms are considered third party sellers and Deadwood Mountain Grand is unable to honor those tickets and/or handle any ticketing issues that arise.

  • Do I have to pay service charges at your box office?

    Tickets for most of our events have a facility fee of $4.00 per ticket at The Spotlight box office.

  • Where do I pick up my will-call tickets?

    Will-call tickets can be picked up at The Spotlight Box Office.

  • My ticket says ‘General Admission’ – what’s that mean?

    General admission means standing room only. If you require ADA accessible seating for a general admission show, a member of our staff can help accommodate your needs when you arrive.

  • Are there accommodations available for ADA?

    ADA seating is available. If you have already purchased general admission tickets without ADA, feel free to give us a call at 605-559-1151, and we will assist you.

  • I bought tickets for a show and now one of the bands are not playing. Can I get a refund?

    Support bands often change throughout a tour.  The only guaranteed performance is the headlining act.  This does not apply for “festival” billing.  Third party listings are not always accurate.  Please refer to verified Ticketmaster / Deadwood Mountain Grand listings.

  • What happens if I’ve lost my ticket?

    Contact your original point of purchase to determine if the ticket is replaceable.

  • Can I get a refund if I can’t make it to the show?

    As indicated on your ticket, there are no refunds or exchanges. If a show is canceled, then you may seek a refund at your initial point of purchase.

Camera Policy
  • Can I bring a camera, video camera, or recording device?

    The camera policy is set by the artist. Deadwood Mountain Grand prohibits professional cameras, recording devices or external flash/lighting. Many artists will allow you to bring a disposable or small digital camera. If you have a question about the camera policy for a specific show, please contact us.